zionist Israeli Warplanes Launch Strikes on Gaza


Israeli warplanes early Friday pounded several locations in the Northern besieged Gaza Strip.

WAFA said that an Israeli fighter jet pounded several locations, Northeast of Beit Lahia town, causing property damage.

Missiles also struck a transmission tower atop a building at the al-Nada neighborhood in Beit Hanun city in the Northern coastal enclave. No injuries were reported though.

These strikes came purportedly after a rocket was fired from Gaza at Southern Israel.

Israeli forces frequently bomb the besieged coastal enclave using disproportionate force in violation of international law.

In July 2014, Israel carried out a deadly onslaught on the strip, claiming the lives of over 2,200 people, overwhelmingly civilians, injuring over 11,100 others and flattening whole neighborhoods, displacing about 475,000 Palestinians.

Israel has placed a tightened blockade on Gaza since 2007 after Hamas took over power in the strip, denying about 1.8 million population their basic rights and as a result causing a decline in their standard of living, unprecedented rates of unemployment and poverty.