zionist Israel uses fabricated claims of rocket fire as excuses to attack Gaza: Hamas


The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has stressed that Israel uses fabricated claims of rocket fire to justify its attacks on the Gaza Strip.

“The Israeli claim of a rocket being fired from Gaza and issuing a statement on behalf of Daesh to justify the escalation and an attack of resistance positions are part of a dangerous and transparent Israeli game,” said Hamas on Tuesday.

The resistance movement was referring to claims made by Israeli media that a Takfiri terrorist group affiliated to Daesh had announced its responsibility for a rocket being launched from Gaza into an unpopulated area in the occupied territories.

Hamas released the statement after Israeli fighter jets carried out multiple airstrikes on various positions throughout the Gaza Strip in response to the alleged rocket fire.

The Israeli military frequently bombs the Gaza Strip, with civilians being the main target of such attacks. Israel has launched several wars on the Palestinian coastal sliver, the last of which began in early July 2014. The military aggression, which ended on August 26, 2014, killed nearly 2,200 Palestinians. Over 11,100 others were also wounded in the war.