zionist Israel, US to test anti-Ballistic Missile system in US soil


An Israeli military organization is set to test Arrow-3 anti-missile system in the US state of Alaska, local paper has announced.

The test is to take place on Alaska’s Kodiak Island next year, American weekly publication The Jewish Press reported on Sunday.

Preparations for the test would take a few months to complete, Israel’s Channel 2 reported. The test is reportedly going to cost some $80 million.

“The system is set to be tested against a target similar in behavior to the advanced ballistic missiles, which are currently being developed, and have already been achieved, by Iran,” the paper wrote.

Washington and Tel Aviv fear the Islamic Republic’s missile capability, which Tehran asserts is of a defensive and deterrent nature. Iran has, however, stressed that it would flatten Israeli cities to earth if it comes under attack by the Tel Aviv regime.

The US has been spending lavishly to enhance the Israeli regime’s military capabilities.

Last September, a test launch in Cape Canaveral, Florida, hit a snag when Falcon 9, a rocket belonging to the US aerospace manufacturer SpaceX, and Amos-6, the Israeli “communication satellite” it had been due to carry into space, exploded and were destroyed.

Isaac Ben-Israel, the chairman of Israel’s space agency, said at the time that the incident was “a very severe blow.”

The planned test would now be marking yet another move aimed at antagonizing the Islamic Republic since US President Donald Trump’s January inauguration.

So far during his presidency, Washington has twice imposed sanctions on Iranian individuals and organizations over Iranian missile activities. The US Senate is, meanwhile, pushing through with a bill aimed at putting more missile-related sanctions on Iran.

In his first foreign trip abroad, Trump traveled to Saudi Arabia and Israel, both of which have been openly hostile to Iran.