Zionist Entity, Resistance Agree to Gaza Humanitarian Truce, Death Toll Rises


The Zionist entity and resistance factions, Hamas, have agreed to a UN request to briefly halt hostilities Thursday on humanitarian grounds, after an Israeli strike brutally killed four Palestinian children on a beach.

Ahead of the five-hour pause, due to begin at 0700 GMT, the Israeli airstrikes continued on the 10th day of its campaign, taking the toll to 227 killed and 1,678 wounded, Gaza medical services said.

A Gaza-based human rights group says more than 80 percent of them were civilians.

Since July 8, resistance fighters responded to the Israeli air raids by firing more than 1,200 rockets at the occupied territories. They claimed their first Israeli life on Tuesday.

The army said early on Thursday that occupation air forces had conducted 37 raids overnight on Gaza, while seven rockets were fired from Gaza.

The Israeli army announced it would halt its bombardment of Gaza between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm (0700 to 1200 GMT) Thursday, following the UN request for a humanitarian truce.

The Palestinian factions agreed to accept the offer from the United Nations for a cooling-down on the ground for five hours starting from 10 in the morning,” spokesman for Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, Sami Abu Zuhri told AFP.

In Cairo, a Hamas official met Egyptian leaders and Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas arrived to join the diplomatic efforts to end the Israeli assault.

In addition to the four children who were martyred on the Gaza seashore, several people were also wounded in an Israeli naval bombardment, medics said.

The first strike scattered terrified children and adults on the beach. A second and third struck as they ran, setting fire to huts on the beach.

The strikes were the result of shelling by the Israeli navy against an area with small shacks used by fishermen.
Several children ran inside a hotel where at least three had shrapnel injuries.