Zabadaani Falls To SAA All Terrorists Go To Hell



Al-Zabadaani: The town of Al-Zabadaani has seen its last days as a nest for filthy, ignorant terrorist terrorists. Despite an agreement over a month ago to share security with NDF, the town finally fell to the SAA after town elders encouraged the remaining local vermin to surrender – which they did after realizing they were in a proverbial “no way out”. I spoke to a friend, Ahmad, who just talked to his brother in Muhaajireen, Damascus, and he said the alternative was “total destruction”. So sad, really.


Ma’raba: In the east. Terrorists tried to escape justice and the Gates of Hell by scurrying to the borders of Suwaydaa Province, at ‘Araa to the southwest of the provincial capital. They were pursued by the Hajjaana Battalion and nearly exterminated. The officer at the scene of the battle described seizing advanced assault rifles, PKC machine guns, hand grenades, M-16 U.S. made sniper rifles and killing these festering pests:

Ghaazi Haffaar
‘Amr Bittinjaani
Muhannad ‘Ali Muhammad
Wajdi Abu-Al-Wurood
Ahmad Al-‘Umar (Notorious thief, swindler and rapist. This vermin was much in demand by security forces)

Another 11 could not be identified.


(Dooda-Dooda) Fighting with no details. On-going skirmishes.

Fighting reported continuing here:

Al-Kassaara, West Simleen, Simleen-Zimreen-Jassem Junction, ‘Itmaan at the Saw Mill West, Al-Nu’ayma at the “Center”, Jamra (a pickup destroyed), Al-Lijaat (Al-Jadl School), West of Al-Ghaariyyaat, Umm Al-‘Awsaj – Nimr Village Road east of Tal Al-Haarra, ‘Itmaan (nest destroyed with warehouse filled with weapons), Khirbat Ghazaala (infiltration foiled. Terrorist-stats to come), Kaheel.


These areas are now almost completely terrorist free. They are being combed for remnant terrorists. SAA will not announce their liberation until every last terrorist is killed or taken prisoner.

Al-Shaykh Sa’eed


Al-Huwayja Village: Over 30 terrorists killed by SAA and SAAF in this operation just reported. The village is to the northwest of Hama.


Al-Riffa Village south of Idlib. On-going operation netting many hyenas. Will have more tomorrow.


Major advances across this province.

Baab Hood: Now clean-up looking for remnant scavengers.

Jawrat Al-Shiyyaah: Last nests being cleared out near the Amal Hospital. Look for announcement soon from SANA.

Al-Kharja Village, Al-Barghoosha, ‘Arshoona, Al-Sultaaniyya, North Umm Al-Sarj (mines dismantled and 14 terrorists killed), Al-Rastan near the Al-Ashtar Mosque where equipment, weapons and ammo were discovered. 6 terrorists killed. Al-Naatoor Village South, Al-Daar Al-Kabeera, Al-Khaalidiyya, Al-Sa’an, Al-‘Aamiriyya (Homs), Khirbat Hamra.