Young Bahraini Detainee Dies from Excessive Torture, Neglect


Young Bahraini detainee Mohammad Jaafar Al-Derazi was martyred in the Bahraini authorities’ prisons due to excessive torture and neglect.

Al-Derazi, who was sick of sickle cell disease, wasn’t given treatment and health care in prison.

Martyr Derazi and members of the group he was arrested with were subjected to torture with electrocution in the criminal investigations office, and then transferred to Al-Rifaa police station to get treated from the signs of torture before trial. However, due to the deterioration of Derazi’s health, he was transferred to Salmaniya Hospital.

Jaafar Mohammad Al-Derazi was arrested on January after three years of pursuit. He was among a group whom were accused of trying to escape by sea from Bahrain, an accusation they considered a fabrication.

For its part, Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society mourned the young martyr on Twitter, saying Al-Derazi is “one of the victims of detention, torture and neglect in treatment and health care.”