Yemeni revolutionaries vow to continue sit-ins in Sana’a


Yemen’s revolutionaries have come out in large numbers to announce that their sit-ins in the capital Sana’a will continue until a new technocratic government is formed.

During the Friday protest, tens of thousands of Houthis and their supporters also buried a number of revolutionaries who were killed in clashes with armed forces during the week.

They say the victory of their revolution is a momentous one, which will change the Yemeni history.

Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi also called on Ansarullah movement to end its protests in Sana’a and hand over its weapons to the army based on the recent agreement the revolutionary group signed with the government.

The revolutionaries, however, say they will continue their campaign until a new prime minister is elected and a new government of technocrats is formed.

“Once the new government is formed, situation inside Sana’a will change in terms of any Ansarullah security presence in Sana’a. However the change depends on government’s ability to handle security and implement the singed agreement and meet the people’s demands,” a revolutionary protester told Press TV.

On September 21, representatives of the Ansarullah movement and the government signed a deal to establish a government of technocrats within a month.

The Yemeni protesters have hailed the agreement as a great achievement. They say the deal would hopefully, in the long run, put an end to their grievances.

Ansarullah activists, also known as Houthis, have been staging demonstrations in the capital for more than a month, demanding the formation of a new government.

The Houthi movement played a major role in the popular uprising that forced the former dictator, Ali Abdullah Saleh, to step down after more than 33 years in power.