Yemeni Presidency Says Deal Reached with Opposition, Ansarullah Denies


A source close to the Yemeni presidency said Thursday a deal was reached with the country’s opposition, the Houthis. However, the opposition sources assured to al-Manar that such agreement didn’t take place and that the talks were going on.

“An accord was reached… late on Wednesday” to end the country’s latest political impasse, by which “a new prime minister will be named within 48 hours” and fuel prices will be further cut, AFP news agency quoted the source as saying.

President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi promised in an initiative rejected by the Houthi opposition earlier this month to name a new prime minister.

The opposition movement, Ansarullah had been demanding that Hadi consult them before naming a new prime minister.

Under the reported deal, the Houthis are to “dismantle their protest camps and pull their armed men” from the capital Sanaa and its surroundings, the presidency source added.

However, Ansarullah denied such a deal, stressing that these reports are not true.

The movement official, Ali al-Yakhiti confirmed to al-Manar that the talks between the opposition movement and the government were ongoing, noting that reports on a deal between the two sides is not true.