Yemeni Ballistic Missile Hits Saudi Forces’ Convoy in Ma’rib Province


The Yemeni army targeted the Saudi-led forces’ convoy with a ballistic missile near the strategic Farza 9 military base in Ma’rib province on Saturday.

The Saudi-led forces sustained heavy casualties as the Yemeni missile precisely struck their military convoy.

There are no immediate reports on the exact number of casualties, but eyewitnesses confirmed that the missile landed precisely on the convoy.

The Yemeni missile attack came in retaliation for the Saudi airstrikes on Yemen’s civilians.

In a relevant development in late June, a Yemeni missile strike hit a Saudi-led coalition military base in Asir province where Israel’s military experts are stationed.

The Khamis Mushait air base in Asir province came under Yemen’s Qaher-I ballistic missile.

Also on Monday, Saudi warplanes intensified the airstrikes on Yemen to support militants loyal to Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi who has resigned as Yemen’s president fighting against Yemeni forces, despite a UN-brokered ceasefire.

Saudi fighter jets conducted nearly 10 airstrikes on the districts of Rahba Saeed and Hama Thawaba at the foot of Hailan Mountain, East of Sirwah district in the province of Ma’rib, Al Mayadeen reported.

The Yemeni army and Popular Committees, however, managed to thwart a wide-scale attack by the pro-Hadi forces on the districts.

A few hours before the new airstrikes, one person was killed and five others were injured in a Saudi air raid on the district of Mahjaza in Sirwah.

Saudi warplanes also attacked the Nihm district of Sana’a Province as the Yemeni forces took control of the al-Aswad Mountain.

The Yemeni Defense Ministry said that many pro-Hadi forces were killed and injured as the Yemeni forces took the al-Aswad Mountain on the outskirts of Nihm district, northeast of Sana’a.

The Saudi jets reportedly launched eight airstrikes on several areas in the district.

The Saudi air raids also hit Ghayl district in the Northern province of Jawf while pro-Hadi forces fired artillery shells at Matun district in the same province.

Clashes also continued between Yemeni forces and the Saudi forces on the Yemeni-Saudi borders while intense Saudi overflights were reported over the border districts of Harad and Abbas in the Yemeni province of Hajjah.

The Saudi attacks come despite UN-mediated talks in Kuwait between the representatives of Yemen’s Hadi and a delegation comprising of the Ansarullah movement and its allies. A ceasefire agreement had been announced before the peace talks.

The Ansarullah delegation has warned that such blatant cases of truce violation could lead to a full collapse of the peace talks.

Yemen has seen almost daily military attacks by Saudi Arabia since late March 2015, with internal sources putting the toll from the bloody aggression at about 9,800. The Saudi military aggression was launched to restore power to Hadi, who is a staunch ally of Riyadh.