Yediot declares victory of the resistance in Gaza and says “Netanyahu disappointed”


Political analyst in Yediot Hebrew, Shimon Schiffer “” that the performance of the Government and the army leadership during the war in Gaza, was disappointing, Israel has been implicated in international courts. ” And in an article published Monday refutes allegations of Netanyahu on “achievements of war.”

De Hoop Scheffer says: “over the weekend, Netanyahu chose to withdraw from the Gaza Strip without compromise and without deduction, chose to continue to drain Israel in endless war. It is a “mature and responsible,” “baby King”, written for the same certificates during the war in Gaza and try to emerge as the “works with poise and wisdom” shows with deep regret and sorrow personal weak opt for military targets as concepts-finds even wants him difficult to understand “it has been very difficult to destroy tunnels.”

He continued: “even now, Netanyahu dropped us disappointment with the fury of a high price in lives and injured 28 days without deduction is not something you can boast about it, Netanyahu can comfort himself saying attributed to Henry Kissinger, who said:” Governments are the right thing only after having exhausted all other options. We wait “