Winners of Mustafa Prize’s Noor Competition Announced


Winners of the second round of Mustafa Prize’s Noor Competition for students were announced.

During a press conference in Tehran on Monday, results of Noor Student Competition were announced and the winners are scheduled to be honored during the contest’s closing ceremony on September 1.

Over 5000 students had participated in the event, presenting about 2000 short films with various scientific themes, including physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and astronomy.

The contest is organized by officials of The Mustafa Prize. The Mustafa Prize is a science and technology award granted to top researchers and scientists from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member states biennially.

The award is meant to encourage education and research in Islamic nations and forge cooperation among science and technology institutions of OIC member countries. The forum has been held with an aim to enhance the links among academics and researchers in scientific realms and facilitate the growth of science in OIC member states.

Jackie Ying, a nanotechnologist from Singapore, will be also honored at the closing ceremony.

The Mustafa Prize is awarded in the four categories of “Life Science and Medical Sciences,” “Nano Science and Nanotechnologies,”  “The Information and Communication Science and Technologies,” and “Top Scientific Achievement in other fields.” 

The Mustafa Prize was launched in 2013, with high-profile universities and academic centers of the OIC member states defining its policies.