Why did ISIL release 32 Turkish drivers while the same ISIL behead any abductees?


ISIL terrorists have never released any of their abductees BUT why can it be possible that they released Turkish ones?

Is Turkey a deep friend of ISIL brutals who have no limits in brutality?!! The Whole world know very well that these ISIL terrorists are famous for beheading of anyone including babies. How come they did not give harm to Turkish ones?

Does this mean ISIL obey to the words of Turkish Government? If yes, then how come these terrorists obey the orders by Turkish Government and WHY? What make those inhumans to obey the orders from Turkey? Have they any deep relations? What has made the brutal ISIL terrorists become merciful against 32 truck drivers BUT behead other thousands? According to the abductees the ISIL terrorists (the Turkish Media never use ‘terrorist’ word for the notorious ISIL) di not give them any harm during their captivity. Here there is a very simple question that even a child can ask under normal condition:How come these notorious brutal terrorists didn’t even give harm to the 32 Turkish truck drivers while they behead thousands so far…?

The first act is finished at this level and we are waiting for the second act about the so- called abduction.

At this stage there can be thousand many other questions that can be asked with many WHYs of this thought provoking case.

Doesn’t this critical case show the deep level relation between Turkish Government and ISIL terrorists?