Video-Int’l Quran Competition; Finalists Introduced


The finalists in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s 31st International Holy Quran Competition were introduced last night, June 1.

After the conclusion of the semifinal round of the contest, Mohammad Askar from the Philippines, Jafar Fardi from Iran, Ahmad Hossein Balal from Afghanistan, Mohammad Ramezani Idi Binda from Tanzania, Samareddin Hamadev from Tajikistan and Muhammad Yusuf Aql from Egypt made it to the final round in the recitation category.

In memorization, Abdul Aziz Ahmed Abdul Qader from Egypt, Behzad Hozhabri from Iran, Armin Jafri from Indonesia, Ahmed Abdul Rahman from Nigeria and Muti Mutmain from Afghanistan will be the finalists.

The final round of the two categories will begin at 4 p.m. this afternoon at the Summit Conference Hall in Tehran. The 31st edition of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s International Holy Quran Competition kicked off in the capital, Tehran, on Monday.

120 reciters and memorizers of the Quran representing more than 70 countries are competing in the contest, which will conclude tonight.