US sending military advisers to Ukraine


The US Defense Department will send American military advisers to Ukraine in order to build “defense institutions” in the country.

Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen Lainez said the two countries could strengthen “long-term defense cooperation to help Ukraine build highly effective armed forces and defense institutions.”

She added that the Pentagon considers sending its military advisers “a first step” toward helping to “shape and establish an enduring program for future US efforts to support the Ukrainian military through training, education, and assistance.”

“We are committed fully to getting the assistance to Ukraine as quickly as possible,” Lainez was quoted as saying by Military Times.

Earlier this week, US President Barack Obama promised to provide Kiev with an additional 5 million dollars in military aid including the training of its law enforcement and army personnel.

Since March, the United States has approved more than 23 million dollars in security assistance to Ukraine.

President Obama has pledged to invest one billion dollars on stepping up the US military presence in Eastern Europe.

“Our focus continues to be on supporting Ukraine economically and diplomatically,” Lainez said.

“As the president has said, we do not see a military solution to this crisis. Throughout the review, we’re looking at items with the intent that whatever is approved will stabilize the situation in Ukraine.”