US media honest about Gaza aggression?


Western news reports are, quite surprisingly, failing to hide information about the tragedy in Gaza the way they have in the past.

Social media is making those who pay attention better informed, so it seems, and the truth about Israel’s aggression is taking form.

Anonymous has also been addressing the problem, hacking Israeli government Websites last week, and Ha’aretz, Israel’s liberal newspaper, this week. They are working overtime under hash tags like #opSaveGaza.
Facebook is packed with pro-Palestine sentiments, one popular phrase sweeping the online world is clever.

“Most things in the world today are made in China, but courage is still manufactured in Palestine”.

Those who paid attention during Operation Cast Lead, Zionist Israel’s obnoxiously named 2008/09 attack against Gaza, which killed more than 1400 people, mostly civilians, approximately 400 children among them, recall that it took place during the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama. Israel typically launches its wildly over-the-line attacks against Gaza civilians in a way that times out with another major event, but this time they panicked and launched their violent ambitions at a time when the world wasn’t sidetracked.

In the days of deadly attacks, airstrikes by Israeli warplanes annihilated targets in Gaza. One attack, for example, was waged against a center for the disabled. Two patients were killed and four were wounded.

On Saturday night, a bomb from an Israeli military aircraft smashed the home of Gaza’s police chief Taysir al-Batsh. The Israelis also targeted and damaged a nearby mosque, just as evening prayers were ending. That Israeli attack killed at least 18 Palestinians and wounded 50. Entire wars have been fought in this world for lesser reasons.

Keeping with the typical American media attempt to portray apartheid Israel as legitimate at all costs, an article in by Jason Ditz, Netanyahu: Gaza War Proves Israel Can’t Allow Palestinian Statehood, parrots the bottom line behind the alleged kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers. With a pro-Israel slant, Ditz wrote:

… Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also spent some time condemning the peace process in general.

Netanyahu insisted the latest Gaza conflict proved that Israel could never allow an independent Palestine in the occupied West Bank, insisting it would simply become “another 20 Gazas.”

“I think the Israeli people understand now what I always say: that there cannot be a situation, under any agreement, in which we relinquish security control of the territory west of the River Jordan,” Netanyahu declared.

Pretty bold of Netanyahu, when you consider that it is his government that stokes the fires of hatred and revenge in the coastal Palestinian enclave. Israel flies warplanes over Gaza every day, attacking targets that are strictly off-limits to military strikes.

Israeli Intent No Secret
That bottom line is simple; Israel, knowing that Palestine is headed toward statehood, made sure to stir the pot enough to self-justify another murderous attack on civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip. It was announced on 23 April 2014, that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah Party was joining with Hamas to form a unity government to oversee all of Palestine.

The games continue due to America’s “Super Veto” power in the UN, which gives Israel basically a blank check to commit war crimes. Each time the majority of the world’s nations attempt to sanction Israel for war crimes and crimes against humanity, the US pulls out its super veto stamp and stops the charges in their tracks.

Palestinian statehood would eliminate the American’s super veto power and that is what the current Gaza war is about, along with preventing Palestine’s Sunni Hamas and Shi’ite Fatah from joining forces as a unified nation.

Netanyahu released a statement at the time, “Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas needs to choose between peace with Israel and an agreement with Hamas,” Netanyahu added, “… Whoever chooses Hamas does not not want peace.” Empty words from a man who should be sitting in Geneva facing a death sentence.

US Remains Painfully Silent
The Israelis knew they could, once again, strike Gaza and kill hundreds or more, without the US raising a voice or stepping in.

It is wise to remember that the United States was ready to send troops to the Ukraine recently in a bizarre near attempt to reignite the long simmering Cold War; the American president wanted to send US forces to the concocted war in Syria, but US President Barack Obama won’t ask Israel to halt its barbaric attack.

Obama’s decisions have led to supporting radical jihadist terrorists in an effort to unseat Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government, paying the same people in many cases, who laid waste to US forces in Iraq.

The United States supplies the weapons. Perhaps the American silence is partly a business decision, along with a flawed moral choice to allow civilians to be massacred, rather than taking exception to America’s favorite pet, apartheid, Zionist Israel. Either way, the rest of the world and even US news agencies like CNN are releasing the hard facts about the toll of a few Israelis, and approximately 200 Palestinians killed.

Unlike the USA, UN Asks for Peace
The United Nations Security Council has unanimously called for a cease-fire. Neither Israel or Hamas leaders have been moved or enticed by the UN’s calls for peace.

But keep in mind the venue.

Israel attacks Palestinians, takes no exceptions for civilians, instead fighting what International Law refers to as a “Total War” during which civilians are slaughtered, and militants are not afforded the status of being prisoners of war. The “excuse” Israel used was the disappearance and consequent death of three Israeli teenage settlers. In truth, nobody knows who killed the three teenage hitchikers, all of whom were seminary students. But Israelis kidnapped a Palestinian boy and burned him in revenge, and in the same timeframe Israeli police violently beat up a young boy on camera who, as it turns out, was American.

Americans are hearing the details about these acts and without question, people are slowly but surely beginning to see the dragon hiding beneath the Israeli flag.

A cease-fire plan was recently presented by Egypt, a country long known for working with Israel. The call from Egypt is being viewed as the most serious attempt to negotiate peace and help bring an end to a solid week of deadly violence. CNN reports that an official from Hamas has stated that there is a willingness to look at the plan more closely, and Israeli leaders are reportedly giving it serious consideration.