US, Israeli Plot to Launch Massive Assault against Damascus Fails


A US-Israeli plot to launch attacks against Damascus from several fronts in collaboration with the NATO, Israel and Jordan failed, sources revealed on Monday as the Syrian army carried out successful operations in Eastern Ghouta.

Informed sources disclosed that the US and Israel intended to support the terrorists in Eastern Ghouta by airstrikes so that they gain control of vast areas of Damascus to pave the ground for the Syrian government’s collapse.

“After the plot was disclosed, the Syrian-Russian military commanders started operations in Eastern Ghouta to repel it,” the sources said.

Yet, the US operations room in al-Tanf base ordered end of all operations by the aforementioned allied forces after the terrorists were defeated in Eastern Ghouta and the collapse of the two towns of al-Nashabiyeh and al-Mohammadiyeh on the first days of the Syrian army’s offensives in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus.

Also the US CENTCOM urged withdrawal of allied forces from Eastern Ghouta to Arabayn, Zamalka and Douma before dividing Ghouta into three areas to pave the ground for their withdrawal from Ghouta region.

Now the US plans to stage the attack in a different region further to the East between the provinces of Homs and Deir Ezzur, according to the militants allied to the US troops in Eastern Syria.

Websites affiliated to the militant groups claimed on Monday that their agents detected Maqawir al-Thowrah fighters affiliated to the US-backed Free Syrian Army as they were preparing their logistic and military equipment in a region 55 km away from the US-led coalition, adding that the militants plan to launch a massive attack on the Syrian army in the Badiyeh region from Eastern Homs to Deir Ezzur.

Other sources had previously reported preparedness of the US forces and their allied militants to kick off a large-scale attack on the Syrian Army positions to decrease pressure on terrorist groups trapped in Eastern Ghouta near Damascus city.