US Continues Airborne Rescue of ISIL Commanders in Syria


Sources in Northeastern Syria disclosed once again on Monday that the US troops have conducted heliborne operations to rescue a number of entrapped ISIL commanders who had escaped to Northern Hasaka province after losing the war in Iraq.

Local sources in Hasaka said on Monday that they have witnessed three US helicopters land in a region between the two villages of al-Jeisi and Kalo, 2km South of Tal Hamis region in Southeastern Qamishli.

They added that during the operations a number of US military men evacuated 4 ISIL commanders of Iraqi origin from the region.

The US forces have recently intensified their heliborne operations to evacuate ISIL commanders who have been trapped in Hasaka province.

Local sources in Hasaka had also reported in February that the US helicopters have conducted heliborne operations in the village of Tuwaimin, 50km Northeast of al-Shadadi, in Southern Hasaka.

The sources said that 4 militants, including an ISIL security commander, were evacuated from the region in the operations.