US-Backed FSA Terrorists Kill 4 School Children in Aleppo


The militants of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), supported by Washington, fired several mortar shells at al-Ta’ai Grammar School in Western Aleppo on Thursday, killing 4 children inside their classes.

According to a field source, the FSA specifically targeted the area around the al-Ta’ai Grammar School due to its large population density.

“5 other children were wounded and transferred to a local field hospital for treatment in West Aleppo,” the source said.

The incident happened one day after Dara’a police department announced that several children were killed or wounded in terrorists’ missile attacks on an elementary school, adding that some of the injured are in critical condition.

“At least five children were killed and over 15 others were injured after an elementary school in al-Sahari neighborhood in Dara’a city came under heavy missile attack by the terrorist groups,” the police said on Wednesday