US air base in South Korea lifts lockdown


A key US air force base in South Korea has lifted a lockdown that was placed after reports about a shooter at the facility’s high school.

The 51st Fighter Wing stationed at Osan Air Base said in a message posted on its official Facebook page on Monday that the security forces sweeps have been completed and “no reported injuries or suspicious activity found.”

“Everyone is safe. The lockdown has been lifted,” the message added.

The air base went into lockdown for more than an hour shortly after 11:00 a.m. (0200 GMT) following what was suggested to be a false alarm.

According to the principal of Osan American High School Morgan Nugent, one of the teachers received a call which sounded like an automated one “saying that there was an active shooter drill taking place.”

“There was no scheduled school shooter drill on base, so we have decided to err on the side of safety and went into a full school lockdown,” he added.

Located south of the South Korean capital city of Seoul, Osan Air Base is the headquarters of US air forces in South Korea, the 7th Air Force.

The facility also houses the 7th Air Forces’ 51st Fighter Wing, and between 7,500 and 8,000 US troops, civilian employees, and their family members live and work on base.

Some 28,500 US military personnel are stationed in South Korea.