URGENT: Syrian Army Declares Liberation of Strategic Maheen Mountains Southeast of Homs


The Syrian Army announced minutes ago that its troops alongside the country’s popular forces continued to push back the ISIL from nearby battlefields of Maheen town and regained the strategic Maheen Mountains after hours of heavy clashes.

“The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) retook full control over Jabal Maheen (Maheen Mountains) after an intense battle this morning with the ISIL,” the army announced.

“Jabal Maheen overlooks the strategic town of Maheen and it is one of the most important sites along the Maheen-Sadad Road that was under the ISIL control last week,” the army added.

“With Jabal Maheen under their control, the Syrian army is now at the Northern gates of the town; this leaves ISIL in a bad position because the pro-government forces have the high ground,” the army pointed our.

The Syrian Armed Forces are now preparing for the final assault on the strategic town of Maheen – there is no set time or date for this attack.

On Monday, the Syrian army continued its large-scale military operation in the province of Homs and seized back a highly important mountainous region near the town of Maheen.

The Syrian forces established their full control over Jbal Kabeer (Kabeer Mountain) on Monday.

The Syrian army launched a large-scale military operation to take back the key town of Maheen, and seized strategic regions in the initial phase of the operation.

The Syrian army and National Defense Forces on Sunday began a large-scale military operation from the Eastern side of al-Qalamoun Mountains which is adjacent to the town of Deir Atiyah in order to regain control of Maheen town.

The Syrian forces fired artillery shells at the terrorists and regained control of Rawabi al-Tahin hill and the mountain which overlooks al-Mahsa village after heavy clashes with the ISIL terrorists.

The Syrian Army announced on Monday that ISIL’s rule over the strategic town of Maheen is on the verge of collapse, adding the Syrian government forces are preparing to capture the town.

“The Syrian army troop, National Defense Forces (NDF) and Hezbollah have continued their advance against the ISIL terrorists in the battlefields near Maheen and Hawareen,” the army said.

“The ISIL has pulled back forces from several positions near Maheen, and pro-government forces are about to enter the town,” the army confirmed.