Unknown Group Starts Decapitating ISIL Leaders in Mosul


An unknown group in the Northern city of Mosul has initiated beheading the senior leaders of the ISIL terrorist group as Iraq’s Joint Military Forces are preparing to launch an attack to take back the city.

Ra’fat al-Zardari, the editor of Nineveh Journalists, said on Wednesday that a secret group called ‘Armed Resistance’ that is also known with its ‘M’ acronym has claimed responsibility for decapitating the ISIL leaders in al-Sarjkhaneh region.

According to him, the group has fooled the ISIL leaders by the help of two kids to take them to Sarjkhaneh busy market and beheaded them after a surprise attack.

Zardari said that decapitation of the two infamous terrorists has caused chaos in Mosul.

The Iraqi security sources disclosed on Monday that a large number of ISIL terrorists have fled the city towards Syrian territories in 160 vehicles.

“The ISIL terrorists most of them Arab nationals escaped from al-Ba’aj region in the Western part of Nineveh province towards Syria in machinegun- and DshK-equipped vehicles,” the Arabic-language media quoted an unnamed security source as saying.

The source reiterated that the ISIL has used 160 vehicles to escape to Syria.

The ISIL has suffered many defeats as a result of the Iraqi army advances in Nineveh and Salahuddin provinces.