Ultimate Victory of Regional Revolutions Requiring Commitment to Quranic Principles


Commitment to the Quranic and religious teachings and principles is necessary for the ultimate victory of the regional revolutions, a Bahraini political activist said.

Speaking to IQNA, Sheikh Abdullah Ibrahim al-Salih, secretary general of the Amal Islamic Society of Bahrain, added that none of the uprising in Muslim countries, including the Bahraini revolution, will succeed without resorting to the Holy Quran’s teachings.

“Victory out this framework (for these revolutions) is unimaginable,” the cleric went on to say.

Sheikh al-Salih said Islamic Awakening is a path for Muslims which has no return (and should be completed).

“After achieving the Awakening, Muslims will not step backward as the awakened Muslims never retreated in the history of Islam.”

He underlined that history bears witness to the fact that whenever Muslims have been aware and awakened, the Islamic world has been a pioneering civilization and a role model for others.

The Bahraini political activist added that the more powerful the Muslim world is, the better it can contribute to the world civilization and betterment of humanity and to promotion of Divine values that invite humanity to peace, compassion, truthfulness and peaceful coexistence.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Sheikh al-Salih said returning to Islamic values is the number-one priority of the revolutions in Muslim countries.

“All of the regional revolutions, without an exception, are seeking to uphold Islamic values,” he stressed.

He added that if revolutionaries in Muslim countries are asked what their objectives are, it will certainly be on top of their demands to uphold Islamic values.

Asked about the revolution of Bahrain, the political activist said he is optimistic about the future of the revolution.
He underscored that the trend of Islamic Awakening, which the Bahraini uprising is part of, is moving in a positive and desirable direction.

He hoped that the obstacles that impede the path toward realization of the demands of Muslim countries’ people will be removed.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Sheikh al-Salih said tensions between Shia and Sunni Muslims are the result of the spread of Wahabi ideology and that Muslims all over the world consider one another as brothers.