UAE Recognizes Death of One of Its Soldiers in Yemen


The UAE on Sunday, admitted the death of one of its comrades in Yemen by the Yemeni army and Ansarullah.

“The official UAE news agency has conformed that Sergeant Ali Khalifa al-Massmari was killed in Yemen. He was participating in the operation ‘restoring hope’ within the coalition forces in Yemen,” according to UAE news agency, Yemen Extra reported.

In a preset time, the United Arab Emirates announced the death of one of its soldiers, Corporal Abdullah Mohammed Ahmed Dahmani, whom was also taking a hand in the Saudi-led coalition within the forces of the so-called “Arab Alliance.”

The UAE deliberately announces the killing of Emirati soldiers from time to time to minimize the real size of its losses and its deaths in Yemen, whereas once a missile operation conducted by the Yemeni soldiers and Ansarullah resulted in more than fifty killed in Saffer in Marib governorate.