Two tons of heroin recovered in Europe’s largest ever seizure


More than two tons of heroin was recovered from Greek warehouses over the past fortnight in an operation considered by authorities to be Europe’s largest ever seizure of the drug.

“Exactly 986.6 kg of the drug was recovered from storage units near Athens,” AFP reported.

“The size of the stash added to a recently-set record of 1.113 tons of heroin also seized near Athens on the night of June 12. On June 13th, Merchant Marine Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis proclaimed it to be Europe’s largest ever seizure,” the report said.

“The combined discoveries comprised “the largest amount of heroin ever seized in Europe,” Varvitsioti said.

He noted that the heroin was being shipped to Greece by a tanker – ‘Noorl’ – from Togo, West Africa, adding, “It allegedly belongs to a Greek company, the name of which has not been publicly stated.”

“Fourteen people were arrested in the incident, among whom 10 crew members in Koropi, some 40 km from the capital. Five Turkish people and the Greek company head were among those detained,” he added.

He stressed that the drug was intended to be taken by truck from Greece to markets around Europe.