Two ISIL Members Arrested in Iraq’s Kirkuk


Two ISIL militants who had secretly slipped into Kirkuk were arrested by security forces who had obtained prior information about the infiltration, a police source in Kirkuk said.

“We arrested two ISIL militants after receiving prior intelligence about them,” said Kirkuk police chief Col. Sarhad Qadir, Rudaw reported.

“The age of the two militants is between 20 to 25 years old. One is from Haweija and the other from Kirkuk city. Both secretly infiltrated into Kirkuk.”

Qadir added that ISIL desertions had increased due to battlefield failures suffered by the militants in recent months. He said some try to slip into the cities.

“Because of their continuous failures on the frontlines, the number of escaping ISIL militants has increased in Kirkuk,” Qadir said.

He said the two detainees were being interrogated.