Turkish mother of two kids could not find food for her children, and hanged herself


Turkish mother, 26, who could not find any money for her children hanged herself in Turkey’s Adana city.

The neighbours of Emine Akçay said that she could not give her house rent for 8 months, and find food for her children.

According to the local news, the husband of woman left house for work but the family could not meet their basic needs. In the court expression by woodman “Emine Akçay came to buy some woods by 6 Turkish Liras (1.5 $), but I said to her that no any woods can be bought by this money.” Later, the helpless mother returned home, gave hair dryer to her children and went to the newt room. Following all these tragic events and desperation the mother, Emine Akçay, hanged herself.
According to offical figures in 2015, there are over 14 million people living under hunger line, 44 million people living under powerty line in Turkey.