Turkish Group Hacks ESCWA Website, Posts Anti-’Israeli’ Messages


A Turkish hacking group hacked the UN’s ESCWA’s website, posting anti-“Israeli” and pro-Palestinian messages on the body’s official site.

The homepage of the UN’s Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia was modified early Thursday to contain images of Palestinian families carrying their wounded children and a variety of mocking questions such as, “Why don’t you care about the children of [seized] Gaza?”

The group, Turkguvenligi, also stamped its name across the website, writing, “Produced by #TurkGuvenligi … From Turkey with love! Just for palestine ;).”

Moreover, it was unclear when the group hacked the website, but it claimed responsibility on Twitter. A few hours later, the UN organization had restored the website to normal.

The defacement came on the 17th day of an “Israeli” offensive on the seized Gaza Strip that has martyred more than 700 Palestinians, mostly civilians.