Turkish Air Transporting Israeli Reserve Forces


The Turkish Airline company, Turkish Air, has been in charge of transferring Israeli reserve forces from different countries of the world to the occupied territories to help the regime intensify its ground offensive against the Palestinians.

Israel said Thursday it has called up another 16,000 reservists, allowing it to potentially widen its Gaza offensive against the Palestinians.

The call up was made following the US and European airlines’ suspension of flights to Israel’s Ben Gurion airport after a rocket landed one mile (1.6km) away.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ordered three US carriers that fly to Israel – Delta, United and US Airways – to halt flights.

Europe’s aviation regulator also urged airlines not to fly to Tel Aviv.

The suspension prompted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to ask the US and other countries, including Turkey, to renew flights to Israel since the regime wanted to transfer its reserve forces from across the globe.

After the world airlines suspended their flights, the Israeli transportation ministry and the Turkish Airlines company agreed to resume flights after four days of halt and the Turkish airlines doubled its daily flights to Israel from 4 to 8.

An informed source working for the Turkish airlines who called for anonymity due to the secrecy of the issue, told FNA that the critical situation in the occupied territories and the Palestinian resistance’s missiles which hit different parts of Israel created panic and fear among the foreign tourists and made them return to their countries and this created a good pretext for the Turkish airlines to transfer the country’s nationals from Israel and carry Israeli soldiers who came to Turkey from other countries to fly to Israel to fight in the recent ground offensives against the Palestinian nation.

The halt in service came less than a week after Israel began a ground operation in Gaza, and as airlines around the world re-thought their flight paths over conflict areas in the wake of the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in Eastern Ukraine.

Israeli warplanes have been pounding numerous sites in the Gaza Strip since July 8, demolishing houses and burying families under the rubble. Israeli forces also began a ground offensive against the impoverished Palestinian land on July 17.

The Israeli attacks have killed at least 1,865 people and injuring over 10,000 others in the past 29 days.