Turkey Sells Sarin Gas Items to Terrorists in Syria


The Turkish Statistical Institute’s figures indicate that Turkey sold the key items of sarin gas production to terrorists in Syria in 2013.

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), Turkey sold 16, 026 tons of isopropyl alcohol to Syria in 2013, also known as the main ingredient in sarin gas. The figures indicate that it was sold most during the chemical attacks in Guta in August 2013.

TÜİK’s numbers also revealed that $688, 509 of sodium sulphide, used for producing toxic mustard gas, was exported to Syria in 2013.

An anonymous chemical professor talked to Aydınlık Newspaper, asserting: “Without isopropyl alcohol, one cannot produce sarin gas. It is the main ingredient of sarin gas”, also adding that this amount of isopropyl was enough to produce sarin gas that can kill the whole population in Syria.

The most peculiar part is that the export of this toxic gas reached its highest, 12, 800 tons, on 21 August 2013, when massive killings happened in Guta due to sarin gas. The United Nations failed to come up with a conclusive report after long-drawn investigations.

Meanwhile, most of the sodium sulphide exported to Syria was stated in November 2013, TÜİK indicated in figures.

Considering the fact that all commercial relations are halted between Turkey and Syria, sales of these materials turn out to be completely off the books, as some Syrian authorities claimed. Another senior of Economy Ministry stated: “We have trade relations with Syria in theory, but not in practice.” The buffer zones for this trade are believed to be under the control of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, al-Nusra and Free Syrian Army, meaningly the trade indicated in TÜİK’s documents is directly dealt with these terrorist organizations.”

The suspects of the sarin gas trial held in southern Turkish province Adana, Bekir Karaoğlan and İbrahim Akça, had a phone call also stated in the bill of indictment as follows:

Bekir Karaoğlan: That last solution…

İbrahim Akça: Resorcinol? A ton of resorcinol…

BK: Oh yes.

İA: We will give them 100 kg of isopropyl.

BK: How much solution needed, brother?

İA: Do you mean how much at most?

BK: Yes?