Turkey Forcefully Recruits Syrian Refugees for Euphrates Shield Operation


The Turkish government has recruited Syrian male refugees between the ages of 18 and 35 to fight beside its mercenaries within the framework of the Euphrates Shield Operation in Northern Syria.

The Arabic-language al-Hadath news website said in a Thursday report that while sources close to the terrorist groups deny such reports, media activists close to the dissidents have confirmed the revelations and released images showing white buses in Gaziantep are used for transferring the refugees back the battlefields in Northern Syria.

“The Turkish authorities force any Syrian refugee of eligible age to get on the white buses to be taken back to Northern Syria to fight in Ankara’s Euphrates Shield Operations,” the report added.

Meantime, media sources revealed on Saturday that the Turkish Army has suffered heavy death toll in its so-called anti-ISIL operation in Northern Syria and is growingly entangled in waves of problems with no way out.

The Russian language Kommersant daily reported that based on recent information, the Turkish forces have suffered heavy casualties in their operation in Northern Syria codenamed the Euphrates Shield that they started over four months ago.

The paper added that 16 Turkish soldiers have been killed and 33 more have been wounded in only one day, proving that the Turkish operation that once seemed to be successful is now no more than a big problem for the Turkish Command.

The Turkish soldiers and Ankara-backed militant groups face firm resistance of ISIL in the town of al-Bab in Northern Aleppo. ISIL used it suicide combatants, which surprised the Turkish army and its militant allies and inflicted major losses on them. The Turkish army’s casualties have been unprecedentedly high since the start of Euphrates Shield Operation on August 24.