Turkey deal to have ‘immense’ impact on economy, zionst dog israel PM Netanyahu says


An agreement to normalise ties with Turkey after six years will have a positive impact on Israel’s economy, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on June 27.

Speaking after meeting U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Rome, Netanyahu said the agreement, announced by Israeli and Turkish officials on June 26, was “an important step.”

“It has also immense implications for the Israeli economy, and I use that word advisedly,” he told reporters together with Kerry. Israeli officials have raised the prospect of lucrative Mediterranean gas deals once ties with Turkey were mended.

Kerry welcomed the agreement, saying, “We are obviously pleased in the administration. This is a step we wanted to see happen.”

Turkish-Israeli relations were suspended in 2010 after the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) stormed the Mavi Marmara, part of the Gaza-bound “Gaza Freedom Flotilla,” which was trying to break the Israeli blockade on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Ten Turkish activists were killed in the raid.

A formal announcement of the deal is expected later on June 27.