Terrorists confess to perpetrating Hama bombing last April


Two terrorists confessed to the crime of blowing up a tank towed with a tractor in Hama countryside on 10th of April, where two people were killed and ten others were injured.

The Syrian Satellite Channel broadcast Tuesday the confessions of the terrorists Mostafa Hammad Haj Mohammad and Ali Khaled al-Ali. The two terrorists explained how they met Abdo al-Salafi, nicknamed Abdo al-Eido, who brought the tank.

With the help of the aforementioned terrorists, al-Salafi prepared the tank for detonation and it was parked next to a school in al-Karzali village in Hama, where they blew it up.

Narrating another heinous crime, terrorist al-Ali said that Abdo al-Salafi took him to a Sheikh with an amputated legs from al-Ramliyeh village in the province. The Sheikh rejected to help them in their terrorist acts , which drove the terrorists to kill him along with all his family members and relatives and then mutilated their bodies.