Takfiris Suffer More Losses in Aleppo


The army continued to tighten noose on the Takfiri militants in several areas across Aleppo province on Saturday as terrorists lost more grounds.

The Syrian forces destroyed Takfiri terrorists’ position in al-Shwaihneh village in Aleppo, inflicting heavy losses on them.

Meanwhile, the army destroyed terrorists’ positions in army operations in Karem Mayser and al-Sukkari neighborhoods, near al-Sakhour neighborhood roundabout in Aleppo city.

Separately, a military source said the army destroyed positions of al-Nusra Front and other terrorist groups in al-Mansourah village, 10 km West of Aleppo city, killing all terrorists who were inside them.

Militants’ weapons, ammunition, equipment and machinegun-equipped vehicles were also destroyed.

The army troops also destroyed headquarters and machinegun-equipped vehicles belonged to al-Nusra Front-linked terrorist groups in the villages of al-Barqoum, Karasi and al-Howaiz in the Southwestern countryside of Aleppo.