Takfiri Militants Evacuated from Syria’s Douma Reach Northwest: Report


Dozens of buses arrived in rebel-held northwestern Syria on Tuesday carrying Takfiri militants who agreed to surrender the town they controlled near Damascus after an evacuation deal with the government, a report said.

Sixty-seven buses carrying hundreds of militants, along with family members, reached opposition areas near Aleppo on Tuesday, the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, according to Reuters.

RIA news agency quoted Russia’s defense ministry as saying 3,600 militants and their families had left Douma over the past 24 hours. As part of the evacuation deal, the Jaish al-Islam terror group which controlled the town released scores of people it had been holding. The deal took effect on Sunday.

Jaish al-Islam’s departure will bring to an end Takfiri terrorists’ presence in eastern Ghouta after seven weeks of Syrian army advances in the area.

It represents the Syrian government’s biggest battlefield victory over terrorists since late 2016 when Syrian troops fully recaptured Aleppo.