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Syrians exalt presidential elections as remarkable feat amid terrorist war

by islamic voice

Jubilant Syrians continue to take to the streets across the country, staging various activities through which they give expression to their support for holding the presidential elections for the first time in Syria, a remarkable feat amid a three-year-old terrorist war that, though has taken a toll on all aspects of life, failed to dishearten the Syrians.

Damascus branch of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party in Arnous area held a festival during which they expressed support for the presidential elections “to complete the victory in the battlefield”.

While stressing adherence to national unity and the nationalist pan-Arab approach of Syria, the participants affirmed they will continue to fight the takfiri terrorism until eliminating all terrorists to the last one.

Another festival was held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Higher Education in which workers and a number of university students took part.

The participants underscored the importance of the presidential elections in “moving forward with combating terrorism an achieving national reconciliation”.

Hailing the democratic atmosphere in the country, the participants stressed that Syria’s president can only be chosen by the Syrian people and that no force in the world can influence this national decision.

Meanwhile, Journalists Union held a symposium at al-Assad Library in Damascus.

Participants in the symposium affirmed Syria and its leadership are targeted today because of their national, pan-Arab stances and support to the Arab just causes.

They appreciated Syria struggle in the face of this unprecedented war to which any state would be exposed.

They also showed full support to army against terrorism and to the upcoming constitutional process.

In Damascus Countryside, a rhetorical festival was staged in the Municipal square in Jdaidet Artouz.

The participants expressed support to the presidential elections and to the Syrian Arab Army in its battle against the armed terrorist groups.

They stressed their adherence to national unity, adding that voting is a duty and right of all citizens.

In the town of al-Rawda in al-Zabadani area, locals organized a march to express support for the elections and the Syrian Arab Army, asserting the importance of this event and participating in it.

The participants stressed that Syrians are unified on the goal of eliminating terrorism and restoring Syria to the way it was, voicing support for candidate Dr. Bashar al-Assad.

Aleppo city witness two rhetorical festivities in which the participants stressed their support to holding the presidential elections on time, voicing support to the Syrian army in its battle against terrorism.

They said the election day will be a national day where the Syrians would be victorious over the plot.

In Tartous, the Women Union organized a stand in support of the presidential elections and the accomplishments made by the Syrian army against terrorists.

The participants stressed their rejection of any foreign interference attempt at the Syrian internal affairs, voicing support to candidate Dr. Bashar al-Assad.

Hama province witnessed poetic and athletic events on the occasion of the elections, with the attendants highlighting support to the Syrian army in the face of the armed terrorist groups.

They said that the third of June will be the date to announce victory over crisis and plot, calling upon all citizens to participate in the voting.

Employees of Damascus University, Daraa branch, expressed during the Homeland Tent event held in support of the presidential elections conviction that Syria will triumph over terrorism thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army.

People of Qarfa area in Daraa stressed their support to the presidential elections and the Syrian army, stressing their rejection of all forms of terrorism.

They said they support candidate Dr. Bashar al-Assad as their option in the elections.

A bicycle parade started in Homs from the campus of al-Baath University to the Old City of Homs.

Homs province witnessed several events in support of holding the presidential elections on time.

All of the events stressed support to the army against terrorists, lauding the elections as a further step in overcoming the crisis.

Thousands of participants expressed support to candidate Dr. Bashar al-Assad, adding that peace and security will be restored to the entire country.

Residents of al-Rastan city in Homs province organized a massive march to support the national principles and presidential elections.

The participants expressed support to candidate Dr. Bashar al-Assad, calling for expelling terrorists from the city and restoring stability and security.

The terrorists opened fire at the march and dispersed the participants in an attempt to foil the efforts exerted for restoring security and stability to the area.

In al-Hasaka, people of al-Hasaka city stressed, during a stand in the city, their support to holding the presidential elections and to the Syrian army in its battles against the terrorist groups.

The participants said that the elections are a national and sovereign issue that no foreign side can be allowed to interfere in, highlighting their support to candidate Dr. Bashar al-Assad.

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A symposium was also held in the province where a number of journalists spoken on the importance of the elections and the need to participating in voting.

In Sweida province, a national activity was held with the participation of religious and youth figures at Tishreen Square in Sweida city.

Speeches at the activity hailed the importance of participating in the presidential elections which represent health democratic experience.

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