Syrian President Assad: West Interferes in Syria Whenever Army Makes Advances


Syrian President Bashar Assad said that the recent US strike on Shayratt airbase came after the defeat of terrorists in several areas across Syria.

During an expanded meeting of the Central Committee of Al-Baath Arab Socialist Party on Saturday, Assad said Western states, especially the US interfere in favor of the terrorists whenever the Syrian Arab Army makes a significant advance.

Meanwhile, the Syrian leader stressed that war on terrorism will not cease as long as one terrorist remains in Syria, saying that Damascus will continue to confront Western scenarios seeking to undermine its unity and sovereignty.

In this context President Assad noted that fighting terrorism will coincide with pursuing the political process in Syria, through “reconciliation policy that proved effective, and in participating in the political process in Astana or Geneva in the hope that this would help stop the shedding of Syrian blood.”

On the other hand, the Syrian leader called on the Baath party to create new mechanisms to communicate with Syrian people.

“The war that has been imposed on the Syrian people for more than six years must be an incentive for Al-Baath Party to keep enhancing its presence among citizens by creating new mechanisms for communication that suit the current conditions.”