Syrian Army Saves Damascus from Nusra Chemical Attack


Syrian army frustrated a plot, prepared by al-Nusra Front in cooperation with the Turkish Intelligence, to launch a chemical attack using Sarin gas against Damascus while the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad will be delivering the oath speech.

The Syrian army launched a rocketry attack against one of the farms in Damascus southern countryside where a concluding meeting was held by 11 Nusra leaders before launching their chemical (Sarin gas) attack against the capital.

Security sources reported that the Syrian army carried out a swift attack against the 11 militant leaders and employed the warplanes to destroy the whole building, where the meeting was held.

Assisted by the Turkish intelligence, Nusra Front was able to obtain 16 Sarin gas pipes from Bulgaria and conducted exercises on the use of homemade rockets, according to security sources.

Syrian security sources noted that frustrating the chemical attack is in the context of foiling a number of terrorist attacks against Damascus during the presidential elections, asserting that the Syrian security services have started to employ sophisticated equipments, what has enabled them to frustrate many plots recently.