Syrian Army Repels Militants’ Attack on Strategic Region in Damascus Countryside


The Syrian army thwarted an attempt by the militants in a strategic region in the Southern parts of the country.

The militants were pushed back from the Al-Qalamoun region in Damascus countryside before they could succeed in regaining control over the region.

The army units also thwarted a militants’ attempt to regain control of Rankus with the help of artillery units.

Also in the past 24 hours, the German government arrested a 20-year-old youth upon his return to Germany from Syria.

The German youth was from Frankfurt and had spent six months in Syria. Kershing B has gone to Syria via Istanbul. He worked as bodyguard and physician of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) during his stay in Syria.

Meantime, Syrian army units tightened grip on militants, destroying their hideouts in several areas around the country.

Army units killed nine terrorists of the so-called “Wolves of al-Ghab Battalion” and injured tens more when targeting their hideout near Jefetlik Haj Hammoud in Idlib countryside, a military source said, adding that the army units also destroyed a cannon that was with the terrorists.

Army units also targeted militants’ concentration centers in the villages of Maraian, Manttaf and Tallet Karima in the province, killing many militants and injuring others.

Army units targeted armed groups in the neighborhoods of old Aleppo, Bani Zaid, Blas, Hanano, al-Jandoul, Handarat, al-Oeijeh, al-Breij, kafar Hamra, Southern Wdeihi, al-Enzarat, Mare’, Tal Jabin, Azzan, Hraitan, Abtin, Mariamin and al-Lairamoun in Aleppo and its countryside, killing many militants and injuring others.

In Homs countryside, army units killed a number of militants and injured others, in addition to destroying their weapons in al-Rastan, Om Sharshoh, Tallet Abu al-Sanasel in Talbisa and al-Houla.

Also, a military source said that army units targeted militants’ concentration centers to the Southwest of the old customs, surrounding the journalists building , surrounding al-Hamzeh and al Abbas mosques in Daraa al-Balad, killing and injuring a number of militants.

The source added that army units foiled an armed group’s infiltration attempt to the North of al-Ghizlan farm in Etman village, killing and injuring a number of its members.

The army units also targeted militants’ concentration centers in Inkhil town, surrounding al-Rahman Mosque in al-Na’eimeh town and Tal al-Thuraya in Daraa countryside, killing and injuring a number of militants.

Meantime, Syrian Ambassador to Tehran Adnan Mahmoud blasted the US and Israeli regime for their support for the terrorist groups in Syria and other countries of the region, and said the terrorists and Zionists are the two sides of the same coin.

“It is over three years now that Syria was facing war with the Takfiri groups who are supported by the West’s financial and arms backups, and whose goal is weakening Syria, creating discord and destroying the resistance in the region,” Mahmoud said in a press conference in Tehran.

The envoy stressed the Israeli regime’s fundamental role in the war on Syria and Iraq, saying, “The basic point in here is that the Zionist regime and the terrorists are the two sides of the same coin as the current condition is the result of a US-Zionist plot to transfer terrorists to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and the Zionists are supporting these groups to help them make aggression in different parts of Syria and commit crimes against the people.”

Mahmoud said the fact that the Zionist regime even hosts the terrorists who have been wounded during the conflicts with the Syrian army in its hospitals is a further proof substantiating the very same point.

Several reports, photos and footages have shown that Israeli hospitals are treating the injured Islamic State of Iraq and the (ISIL) militants fighting in Syria.

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu also has made a visit to the field hospital established by the Israeli authorities on the occupied Syrian territories to treat insurgents.

Reports said in May that some 283 terrorists have so far been treated in Zif Hospital in the occupied city of Safed, added to several other hundreds who have been receiving treatment at other Israeli hospitals after getting wounded while being chased by the Syrian army.

Also on Monday, local Kurdish sources revealed that Pishmarga forces have discovered Israel-packed foodstuff and equipment in the hideouts of the terrorist ISIL in Iraq.

They said that the foodstuff and equipment have been found at the ISIL headquarters were located in Mosul and Kirkuk cities.

The Kurdish sources refrained from revealing more details about their findings.

Also, a document issued by Qatar Embassy in Morocco confirmed that the Doha government has supplied weapons and military equipment to 1,800 Takfiri fighters ahead of their transfer to Syria and Iraq.

It mentions that Morocco will act as a recurring base for the entire North African region.

Such a revelation comes at a time when analysts have accused Saudi Arabia and its allies in the region, namely all PGCC countries, the United States and Israel of propping up terror to destabilize the MENA region and further their agendas.

The document carries the official stamp of Qatar acting Ambassador in Morocco, Nayef Abdullah Al Emadi.

In the document, Al Emadi stresses that all volunteers have already received training — military combat, handling of heavy weapons – in the camps of Zintan, Benghazi, Zawiya and Misurata in Libya.

The document proposes to dispatch the men in three batches from Libya where they will travel to Turkey and then onto Iraq through Kurdistan. According to Qatar Ambassador his men will be ready for transfer as early as next week.