Syrian Army Expands Security Zone around Vital Points in Eastern Damascus


The Syrian Army troops continued attacking terrorists and captured more positions in Eastern Ghouta, expanding the security zone in regions near their strongholds, military sources confirmed on Saturday.

The army men, backed up by artillery and missile units, stormed terrorists’ strongholds in Harasta farms and imposed control over Qasr al-Kamal region and its nearby farms, the sources said, adding that the army took military control of the Milk Company after its advances in Qasr al-Kamal.

The sources added that the army has advanced against terrorists in several flanks and has now expanded the security zone around its positions up to 300 meters in the depth of militant-held regions.

Also, the artillery units and the army aircraft pounded terrorists’ centers and positions in al-Salu and al-Raman farms, al-Ajami neighborhood and near the town of al-Modira in Eastern Ghouta. 

Field sources reported on Monday the army troops carried out an ambush operation against a group of terrorists in Eastern Ghouta, killing and wounding over 20 militants.

The sources said that the army men, in an ambush operation, stormed a group of Jeish al-Islam terrorists at the entrance of the town of Harazma in Eastern Ghouta, killing seven terrorists and wounding fifteen more.

Also, the army’s missile and artillery units opened heavy fire at the positions and movements of Jeish al-Islam and Faylaq al-Rahman in the towns of Modira, Mesraba and Douma in Eastern Ghouta.