Syria: Terrorist Groups Violate Ceasefire in Five Provinces


Terrorist groups opened fire at government forces’ positions and breached the truce in the provinces of Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Hama and Lattakia, military sources said Wednesday.

Terrorists targeted the government forces’ defense lines in Ma’an, Ma’ardes in Hama province with artillery and machineguns.

Syrian soldiers’ positions in Tir Ma’ala, al-Qanto, Ashtar in Jabourin, Harash Tasnin, Um Sharsouh, Kafr Nana, the road connecting Masyaf to Khirbet al-Sawda and Jabourin in Homs province came under the artillery or machinegun fire of terrorist groups.

In the meantime, terrorists hit the army positions in Ruweisat Sho, al-Ghamou’a, Jabal Abu Ali and Shir al-Zigheh with several rounds of mortar and machineguns.

Militant groups opened fire at government forces’ positions in the small towns of al-Bahariyeh, Rahbat al-Ishareh, Harasta’s residential areas, Marj al-Sultan town and Jeiroud thermo power plant in Eastern Damascus.

Terrorist groups also targeted heavily with their missiles, explosive gas canisters and artillery the government forces’ positions in al-Meidan neighborhood, Housing project 1070, Jam’eiyat al-Zahra, Sadkob gas company, Family House district, municipality building, al-Feidh neighborhood, village of Azizeh, Adli building, and Mallah region in different parts of Aleppo province.

The Syrian Army underlined on Tuesday that its troops are resolved to respond to any ceasefire violation by militant groups across the country.

Syria’s General Staff of Armed Forces announced that Damascus reserves the right to respond any violation of the ceasefire regime, using all possible kinds of weapons.

Also on Monday, Syrian President Bashar Assad vowed to retake all of Syria from “terrorists”, hours before a ceasefire was to take effect in the evening.

“The Syrian government is determined to recover every area from the terrorists,” Assad told Syrian state media after he attended Eid al-Adha holiday prayers in Darayya, a former militant stronghold recently recaptured by the government.

The ceasefire will not include terrorist groups like ISIL and Fatah al-Sham Front (formerly known as al-Nusra Front).

The landmark deal, proposed by the United States and Russia after marathon talks in Geneva on Friday, could also lead to the first joint military operations by Moscow and Washington against terrorists.