Syria Set for Presidential Elections ToDAY


15 million Syrian voters geared up Monday for today’s presidential elections.

A “security plan” has reportedly been put in place in Syrian cities since Sunday, aimed at preventing possible attacks against voters and polling stations.

“Military and security forces are on maximum alert to ensure the security of Syrians who wish to vote,” Al-Watan newspaper reported on Monday.

More than 9,000 polling stations have been “secured” across the country, the daily said, advising voters not to be concerned about their safety on election day.

The Syrian Interior Ministry dismissed all rumors on piercing ID cards, voting via internet in case voter could not reach an election center or blocking roads between the Syrian cities and their outskirts as “completely false”, pointing out that these rumors aim at affecting the democratic atmosphere of the presidential elections, which are to be held today.

In a different context, member of the Russian Federation Council, Senator Igor Morozov, voiced confidence that the Syrian government will do all that is needed to ensure success of presidential elections.