Syria: ISIL Terrorists Execute Soccer Players in Raqqa


Five civilians, including three soccer players, were killed by ISIL’s security forces in the capital of the terrorist group’s self-proclaimed Caliphate on charges of opposing ISIL’s rules and regulations, local sources announced.

“Osama Abu Kuweit, Nahad al-Hussein and Ehsan al-Shavakh, three members of al-Shabab team alongside al-Shabab’s trainer Ahamd al-Shavakh and another civilian were beheaded in front of people’s eyes in al-Dalah square,” the sources said.

Mowafaq Jom’ah, the president of Syria’s football federation, condemned massacre of the country’s sportsmen.  

Intelligence agents revealed on Tuesday that the ISIL terrorist group executed several more of its own fighters on charges of involvement in the assassination of a Non-Syrian top commander of the Takfiri terrorist group few months ago.

“The ISIL has executed 13 of its own members in al-Tala’e garrison near the capital of the self-proclaimed Caliphate,” the sources said, adding, “The executed ISIL members had been arrested by the groups’ security forces on March 30 on charges of working on a plot to assassinate the terrorist group’s Tunisian commander Abu al-Haija.”

“Al-Haija had been appointed by ISIL Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to supervise military operations in Northeastern Aleppo, but was killed in an airstrike.”

With the execution of these 13 fighters, the ISIL has killed 51 of its won members on different security charges since April.