Syria Cabinet discusses services and utilities issues in provinces


The Cabinet approved a draft resolution for providing monetary contributions to support the budgets of a number of provinces to better deal with current circumstances and improve services, development and economic efforts in them.

Chairing a weekly Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halaqi said the government is continuing work to provide the logistic and media requirements of the elections in a manner that guarantees fairness, transparency, and credibility.

He reviewed the Cabinet’s activities during the past week, including his visit to Homs, noting that the process of harvesting strategic crops like wheat and grains and storing them is continuing smoothly.

Al-Halaqi pointed out to the damage caused to the electric grid due to terrorist attacks on the Arab gas line, lauding the efforts being made to overcome these difficulties and the work done to restore communications to Hasaka province.

The Prime Minister instructed ministers to increase field visits to provinces to improve services provided to citizens and secure their needs, stressing the importance of monitoring prices in markets, with the Cabinet addressing a number of services and utilities issues and means to tackle them.

Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi briefed the Cabinet on the state of national media, asserting commitment to supporting private media outlets and providing work opportunities for youths, in addition to developing and improving national media establishments and getting in touch with all components of Syrian society.

The Cabinet also approved a bill on establishing a textiles technical center in Aleppo for research, studies, and training workers, with the goal of developing the textiles industry in Syria.