Syria: American, German, Bulgarian Arms Found in Terrorists’ Positions in Aleppo City


A large volume of weapons, manufactured in the US, Germany and Bulgari, were discovered as Russian sappers were on a mine clearance mission in Eastern Aleppo, Commander of Russia’s International Mine Action Center Ivan Gromov disclosed on Wednesday.

“Ammunition and large-caliber arms together with rockets for Grad multiple launch systems have been found there. The shells have been produced in Germany, the United States and Bulgaria,” Gromov said.

The Russian combat engineers also found 122mm mortar shells, rockets for multiple launch rocket systems, hand grenades, grenade launchers and howitzer projectiles in one of the militants’ headquarters, the commander said, adding that the ammunition discovered there were in such a large quantity that they would be enough for a battalion.

A Russian General disclosed on Tuesday that a large volume of Turkey and US-made chemicals and weapons had been discovered in militants’ bases in Eastern Aleppo.

“Engineering units of the Syrian and Russian forces that were jointly defusing bombs and mines planted by Jeish al-Fatah terrorists in the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo seized a large volume of US-made and Turkey-made weapons in the positions of militants,” the Russian General said.

The engineering units also found hand-made arms in terrorists’ bases, he added.

“A large number of bags filled with chemicals were also found in the positions of the terrorists” the source said, adding, “The terrorists had used chemicals to make bombs.”

The General went on to say that the engineering units also found a workshop in which the terrorist groups were making bombs by gas cylinders.

The Russian and Syrian units also found a large quantity of suicide-explosive belts, the General said, adding, “The terrorist groups have planted bombs in hidden locations in residential areas, neighborhoods and streets.”