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Syria Air Defenses Confront ‘Hostile Target’ near Damascus

by islamic voice

Syrian state media said on Saturday the country’s air defenses had confronted a “hostile target” breaching the Syrian airspace west of the capital Damascus in the early hours of the morning.

State news agency SANA, quoting its correspondent, said there were reports of “air defenses confronting a hostile target breaching the skies above the area of Deir al-Asha’ir in the Damascus countryside.”

The area is close to the Lebanese border.

Syrian air defenses were activated in a similar way over west Damascus last Thursday night.

SANA suggested Israel was to blame for the incursions.

“In the past few weeks, the Israeli enemy has attacked military positions,” it said.

Damascus last month took back control of its entire border with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and its southwest border with Jordan after an offensive which began in June.

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