Sunni cleric demands united line up of Muslims against Takfiris


Prominent Iranian Sunni cleric in Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province, demanded all Islamic schools of thought to line up against DAESH and Al Qaeda Takfiri (excommunicating) groups.

Mamusta Amin Rasti, interim Sunni prayer leader of Sanandaj, in his weekly Friday sermon referred to a history of hostile moves against Islam and denounced inhuman anti Islamic crimes by Takfiri DAESH group in the region, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” 14 centuries of animosity against Islam has not damaged Islam as much as DAESH and Al Qaeda have.” calling the extremist groups as the main enemies of Islam since they have risen from within Islamic states.

Iranian cleric in another part of his sermon hailed the security and unity of Islamic denominations in Iran and highlighted the wisdom of the Iranian authorities.

He added,” The laws in Iran are based on Qur’anic and Islamic teachings and this has led to a unified life and coexistence of the Iranian nation while the authorities in other Islamic states in the region are corrupted and this has led to bloodshed and massacre of the people in these countries.”

Mamusta Amin Rasti stressed importance of solidarity among Muslims calling that the most important weapon against the hostile intrigues by enemies.

The Sunni cleric called for a unanimous stance of the Islamic nations to prevent ambitions of DAESH extremists.