Spanish police clash with protesters in Barcelona


Clashes have erupted between Spanish riot police and demonstrators in Barcelona during a protest march against the eviction of activists from a public building.

The violence erupted while hundreds of protesters marched in the northeastern city to voice their opposition to the forced eviction of activists from the well-known public center.

Officers made several arrests as young protesters set fire to dust bins and hurled stones at the security forces.

Police had earlier in the day evicted the activists who had chained themselves down inside a building belonging to the local transport authority. The activists have been occupying the building since 1997, using it as a community center.

The clearing of the “Can Vies” building followed a court order after negotiations between Barcelona officials and the youths occupying the site broke down. The building has been used to host debates, training courses and concerts; however, Barcelona’s transport authority says it plans to knock it down to develop the surrounding area.