Sources: Saudi Intelligence Agency Orchestrating Support for Militants in Iraq


The Saudi intelligence agency is providing constant military backup for the militants fighting against the Iraqi government, informed sources said.

“The Saudi intelligence agency has set up an operation room to provide constant assistance and backup for the militant groups that are wanted by the Iraqi army,” informed Iraqi security forces told FNA, explaining that these aids include arms shipments and dispatch of fresh forces.

They said that the center is in charge of supervising and leading the operations of the terrorists groups in Iraq.

The Al-Saud rulers of Riyadh have spent millions of dollars so far to harm the stability of Iraq and also to confront the Iraqi army as well as the Muslim country’s economic growth.

The sources said that the Saudi regime has given shelter to the militants who have fled from Iraq and promised them key posts in future Iraq once they succeed in toppling the Nouri Al-Maliki government.

In January, media reports said that the Saudi intelligence apparatus has been involved in the recent unrests in Al-Anbar province in Western Iraq.

One of the ringleaders of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) who has recently been arrested by Iraqi forces confessed that the Saudi intelligence agency is behind Al-Anbar incidents, the Beirut-based Al-Akhbar newspaper quoted a high-ranking Iraqi security source as saying on condition of anonymity.

The arrested ISIL leader has also confessed that he had received $150 million and 60 off-road vehicles.

“The vehicles had batches which showed that they had been built for Saudi Arabia,” he said.

He also disclosed a secret meeting among the spokesman of an Iraqi political group, a representative of the Saudi intelligence agency and ISIL commander Shaker Wahib who has recently been killed.

Security sources in Baghdad said that Saudi Arabia has hired and financed the ISIL to fight a proxy war against Iraq’s Shiite government.

“Ahmed al-Alwani (an Iraqi MP held on terrorism charges after clashes killed at least six people during arrest raid on his home) and Ali al-Sulaiman (the chief of the Dulaim tribes in al-Anbar province) who are under prosecution have paved the political ground for terrorism and the ISIL has entered a proxy war to fight for Saudi Arabia,” Head of the Security Committee of Baghdad province’s Council Sa’d al-Matlabi was quoted as saying by the Palestinian al-Manar weekly.

He said that al-Alwani who was arrested by the security forces and al-Sulaiman who has called for Jihad against the Iraqi army have created a ground for the spread of terrorism.

In relevant remarks last Tuesday, Aliyah Nassif, a member of the De-Ba’athification Commission, said that al-Alwani and former Iraqi Finance Minister Rafi al-Issawi have had contacts with the Saudi intelligence agency.

Nassif said that a number of Iraqi politicians have good relations with certain regional states, and some countries, including Qatar and Saudi Arabia, spend huge sums of money to support them.

Late December, the Iraqi police forces in the Central province of Babel increased security measures to prevent the infiltration of ISIL from neighboring al-Anbar province.

“Intensive security measures have been adopted in the Northern parts of Babel province to this end and these measures have even been strengthened with the assistance and presence of the army and police task force units,” Babel Police Commander Abbas Abd Zeid Shamran told FNA at the time.

He said that the intensive security measures had been adopted after Babel police department received tips about infiltration of ISIL terrorists from Anbar province to Babel.

Shamran explained that the ISIL members were joining other terrorist groups in Iraq which were not so much active then, but their possible later plans and actions had worried Iraq’s officials.

In a relevant report in December, security and intelligence forces in Iraq’s Northern Neynava province had warned that there was an imminent threat of a huge attack by the ISIL on Mosul’s security and intelligence departments.

Iraqi security forces said in early December that the terrorist group planned to set free its arrested members kept in Mosul’s security and intelligence offices.

The warning by Neynava security and intelligence departments came after the ISIL terrorists attacked Kirkouk’s intelligence department.

The ISIL is an Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group comprised of foreign and Arab terrorists. The group has mainly been operating in Syria for the last two years.

Later in December, a Salafi Sheikh disclosed that the ISIL has recruited many former intelligence officers of Iraq.

“Abu Iman Al-Araqi, ISIL commander in Lattakia, is a former Iraqi intelligence officer” working under Saddam Hussein’s Ba’th party, Syrian Salafi Sheikh Adnan Al-Arour said in a televised interview.

Al-Arour said that Al-Araqi prepared the Al-Qaeda operatives who came from Saudi Arabia for suicide attacks.