Soldiers Violently Quell Rally Condemning Israeli Settlers’ Crimes against Palestinians


zionist israeli forces Saturday violently quelled a rally organized in condemnation of the Israeli occupation and its settlers’ crimes against the Palestinian people.

The latest of such crimes was settlers’ arson attack against a home in Nablus, which left a toddler, and his father killed and critically injured  his mother and 4-year-old brother, WAFA reported.

Protesters, including Foreign and local activists participated in the rally which was organized by popular committees against the apartheid wall and settlements, carried the Palestinian flags and chanted slogans denouncing the Israeli occupation and its policies aimed at seizing Palestinian land and property.

The Israeli soldiers attacked the rally, beating up activists with the butts of their rifles, leaving many with injuries and bruises throughout their bodies.

The rally also called to provide protection to Beit al-Baraka building located at Jerusalem-Hebron main road and which settlers claim they have previously purchased.