Soft War: Signs of Destabilizing Societies


It has always been the struggle of survival and existence that has taken peoples and governments to engage in fierce battles fearing for their presence and domination.

With the passing of time, means of warfare evolved to fit the needs of time, and nations entered an arms race. Force- hence military war or Hard War- remains important in global politics, but winning the hearts and minds of the people using “Public Diplomacy” and “Soft tactics” has turned into a primary goal.
“Soft War” is used to attenuate or even destabilize a target society, even a nation, and gradually shake and isolate its indigenous culture, customs, even creeds to replace them with imported beliefs and drag it into failure without conflict or use of force.

Standing behind the soft war, the US and the West target the being of Islamic values and teachings via multiple tools and methods.

These Islamic values, the West aims at completely altering, and implanting substitutes that make the societies spineless and keep it busy with issues they have entrenched in their life.

And these are the very same values to which the Founder of the Islamic Revolution His Eminence Imam Ruhollah Khomeini (May Allah Sanctify his Secret) adhered to and adopted, as the basics of establishing a defiant nation that rejects tyranny and oppression, and which Sayyed Ali Khamenei continues to adopt.

The following infographic sums up the signs of this war on the political, social, and cultural levels.